The B4D Toolkit Introduction

The B4D-toolkit will assist you in how to implement and expand inclusive business practices. Essentially, it is a comprehensive source of information based on a long-term collection of knowledge. The toolkit is designed to describe each of the potential areas of inclusive business, both individually as well as in mutual connection. Each of the modules provides practical knowledge, best practices, examples, and links to additional resources to help businesses develop an inclusive model. As there are no standard answers, universal solutions or simple checklists which are applicable to all situations, the toolkit cannot provide a simple one-size-fits-all answer. It does describe the key considerations and typical questions or approaches that have shown to be effective in many cases. Furthermore, it shows a variety of examples and further readings, illustrating different options and approaches for the reader to choose from. The B4D-Toolkit comprises of:

  • A universal guide on how to be inclusive, currently covering a total of 22 practice-oriented modules that focus on the value chain functions
    • Procurement
    • Employment
    • Distribution and
    • Customers at the Base of the Pyramid (BoP)
  • A list of B4D Pathfinder Experts, who can assist you with implementing inclusive business practices, in particular when using the B4D Pathfinder Tools
  • Case studies and links to studies by global key players
  • Examples of regulatory frameworks and support structures for SMME development and inclusive business analyzed in five countries in southern Africa
  • Links to 12 comprehensive publications on inclusive business worthwhile to know
  • Links to appropriate websites of global and African key organizations that are active in the field of inclusive business



B4D Toolkit Structure

An online set of tools and links to assist companies on how to implement inclusive business practices.

Deciding to Engage

Whether to engage

  • Institutional support
  • Regulatory risks/benefits
  • Competency assessments
Monitoring & Measurement

Reasons to monitor

  • Process improvements
  • Publicizing impact
  • Partner / funder requirements

Monitoring & Measurement Tools

  • Indicator libraries
  • Social return on investment (SROI)
  • Ratings & certifications
  • Outcome studies
B4D Toolkits
Mining Toolkit
General Toolkit

General Toolkit

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Agri-Business Toolkit
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