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SADC Financial Inclusion Indaba

At the SADC Financial Inclusion Indaba on 23 July 2015, South Africa’s Finance Minister Nhlanthla Nene called for financial inclusion of the poor at the Financial Inclusion Indaba in Sandton. At an individual and household level, it financial inclusion is “a key enabler in the improvement of households’ and individuals’ quality of life and hence in the further elimination of inequality in society. At the small enterprise level, the appropriate use of financial services increases the financial viability of those enterprises and therefore improves the economic environment of the communities in which those enterprises operate.”

In the same event, the Deputy Secretary of SADC, Dr Thembikosi Mhlongo highlighted the reviewed SADC Regional Strategic Indicative Development Plan (RISDP) and the recent SADC Industrialisation Strategy which both emphasise the importance of financial inclusion and inclusive business. In this context, the CEO of FinMark Trust, Dr Prega Ramsamy pointed out that that, an average of 34% of the people in the SADC region, still do not have access to finance.

The event was hosted by the SADC Secretariat in partnership with the South African National Treasury, SADC Bankers Association and the FinMark Trust at the Protea Balalaika Hotel, in Sandton 2015.

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