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B4D Pathfinder Tools launched in South Africa

Inclusive business approaches have led to positive results in South Africa, according to companies attending a launch of the B4D Pathfinder Tools on 20 May 2015 in Johannesburg, jointly hosted by the Southern Africa Trust and the NEPAD Business Foundation (NBF).

Massmart reported they have provided 100 million Rand in support to small scale enterprises through their inclusive business approach. While NBF explained how they have used inclusive business to remove barriers in agri-business in the region, positively influencing the value chain in input, production, processing, transport, infrastructure, distribution and retail.

The B4D Pathfinder offers comprehensive tools to assist companies in self-assessing and then improving their inclusive business practices. Through using such practices, companies seek to alleviate poverty through integrating the poor as both producers and consumers along their core value chains. The Trust is currently entering into agreements with companies that will use the B4D Pathfinder Tools in the future and welcomes expressions of interest.

The 40 delegates who attended the launch tested the B4D Barometer to measure how ‘inclusive’ they are in their approach to business. The launch in Johannesburg follows launches in Zambia, Tanzania, Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Namibia.

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