What the Business for Development (B4D) Pathfinder is about - and how it can assist you?

“This initiative offers a system that enables businesses in southern Africa to navigate an uncharted path to sustain their own growth and profitability, while at the same time directly contributing to sustainable development… It is new. It is daring. It is doable. And it is replicable. That’s why it’s called a pathfinder.” (Benjamin Mkapa, former President of the United Republic of Tanzania who launched the B4D Pathfinder in October 2009)

The B4D Pathfinder is anchored on inclusive business practices. It was initiated by the Southern Africa Trust in collaboration with the SADC Private Sector Forum, following the SADC Conference on Poverty and Development in 2008. The objective of the B4D Pathfinder is to support the private sector in its inclusive business practices to enhance business' contribution to overcoming poverty.

It covers the:

  • Promotion of inclusive business in the SADC region jointly with business associations;
  • Provision of in-depth tools to support company’s inclusive business practices; and
  • Co-facilitation to create an enabling environment for inclusive business practices

The B4D Pathfinder Tools are developed to assist you. With the B4D Barometer you can self-assess online the inclusive business performance of your company throughout the value chain. Performance graphics will demonstrate the state of inclusivity of a business and concrete recommendations will be given, once the B4D Barometer was filled in (for more information, see B4D Barometer below). The B4D Toolkit will give you at hand detailed and practice-oriented knowledge on how to implement and expand inclusive business practices. It comprises of a universal guide and other tools (for more information, see B4D Toolkit below).

The B4D Pathfinder Team is ready to assist.