The B4D Pathfinder is an initiative of the Southern Africa Trust. Its objectives is to harness and strengthen the corporate response to overcoming poverty. The initiative focuses on the concept of inclusive business. It collaborates with national and regional business associations and also with governments, civil society organisations, academia, consultants and other groups. It also partners directly with businesses.

Why engage in inclusive business?

Inclusive business can be defined as the profitable integration of small and micro enterprises or consumers at the Base of the Pyramid (BoP) in the core value chain of larger companies. The concept is characterized by a demand driven approach that requires innovation to extend companies’ markets and increase their profitability. To achieve this they enter into longer term business partnerships with the small and micro entrepreneurs and support them to become competitive, cost-effective and successful business partners.

How can the B4D Pathfinder support you in doing inclusive business?

The B4D Pathfinder is anchored on inclusive business practices. It was initiated by the Southern Africa Trust in collaboration with the SADC Private Sector Forum, following the SADC Conference on Poverty and Development in 2008. The objective of the B4D Pathfinder is to harness and strengthen the corporate response to overcoming poverty. It covers the:


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The B4D Pathfinder Tools

To register for a Login Name please contact us and/or please read the information below on the MoU or Contract. Please test the B4D Barometer before. You do not need a Login for the Demo.

The B4D Barometer The B4D-Barometer covers the value chain core function 'Procurement', 'Distribution' and 'Customers at the Base of the Pyramid (BoP)'. Each of these core functions is covered by about 70 - 80 general questions.
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The B4D Toolkit The B4D-Toolkit will assist you in how to implement and expand inclusive business practices. Essentially, it is a comprehensive source of information based on a long-term collection of knowledge.
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MoUs, CONTRACTS, CONFIDENTIALITY & CHARTER The below document are sample documents for illustrative purposes. Original documents will be supplied once you decide to enter collaboration with The Southern Africa Trust.
Sample MoU for Pilot Companies
Sample Contract for Purchasing Tools
Sample Confidentiality Agreement
Sample Letter - B4D Charter